4 stuks ESC RW. RC V14.2 Versie BLHeli Programma OPTO mini 20A ESC

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4 x 1 stuks ESC RW. RC V14.2 Versie BLHeli Programma OPTO mini 20A ESC

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RW.RC V14.2 Version BLHeli Program OPTO mini 16A/20A 30A ESC for Drone 250 FPV
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Item Name: 16A/20A / 30A ESC
Voltage: 6-16.8V(2-4s lipo)
Output Current: 16A/20A/30A
Signal Frquency: 20-499Hz
PMW Frequency Output: 18KHz
Firmware: BLHeli V14.2
Size: 24 x 13 x 5 mm(PCB board)
Weight: 3G(without cable)
Weight: 6G(with cable)
Support connecting with PC for upgrading firmware or adjust parameter
Specialize for mini multirotor QAV250, high throttle response speed
Energy saving design, compatible with multi motors
The throttle signal use twisted-pair cable, reduce the interference, make the signal more stable during flying
The latest and highest throttle refresh rate,compatible with all flight controller system
Use the latest technology of ultra-low resistance micro MOSFET tube, has conductive properties of high speed and high load
Package Included:
Q:Why does the product display “?” on BLHeli version when the ESC is connected to the PC?
A:Please find out the corresponding firmware to re-brush.
Q:Why the product is 30A but when connected to the computer, PC displays 12A?
A:The firmware is universal and can be used together for Mini 30A and 12AFW Upgrade:
The PC interface after the Mini 20a is connecedbe
If you want to upgrade the firmware, Please must find out the corresponding HEX file:Mini 16A (Blheli), Mini 20A (Blheli) Hex File: SUNRISE_BLHELI_SLIM_30A_MULTI_REVMini 30A (BLheli) HEX File: XP_12A_MULTI_REV14_3.HEX
Can Self-brush: XP_18A_MULTI_REV14_3.HEX  XP_25A_MULTI_REV14_3.HEX

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Gewicht 0.050 kg
Afmetingen 25 × 10 × 1 cm

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